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Radionomy Removed DaryAir From iTunes

Posted by TMD42000 on December 11, 2013

DaryAir has been removed from iTunes’ Internet Radio listing. When I asked the fine people at iTunes why it had been removed, the response was that our streaming service, Radionomy, had directed the removal. This is very odd that Radionomy would remove the station from the most popular audio player use by Radionomy listeners, and the world.

This move will most likely bring the end to DaryAir as we know it. Even though it had not taken off as I would have hoped, I enjoyed programing the songs and listening to the unique recordings Radionomy has in its collection. If anyone knows a similar streaming company, please let me know so I may conceder moving the entire station. If I do have to close it down now, I vow to bring it back bigger and better. I have given thought to producing a daily radio program as well, but that will take too much work and money. I will keep you informed as to the future of DaryAir via this site.

Thank you for listening.

Tom Dary
Proud Badger Network, LLC.


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iTunes Not Showing Internet Radio Tab By Default

Posted by TMD42000 on December 3, 2013

A recent update to Apple’s iTunes does not show the Internet Radio tab by default. Do not fear, the most preferred method of listening to both terrestrial and internet radio stations is still available, but not without a few one-time-only steps. Select “Preferences” from the iTunes drop menu. Check the box next to “Internet Radio”, and click “OK “. Now when you select “Music”, you will see the “Internet” tab.

You can find DaryAir in the Classic Rock list. Listen long. Listen happy.


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Down Down Under

Posted by TMD42000 on August 1, 2013

Some of you know, I have a day job that takes me many places. I am now in Cairns, Australia. I have been without access to the radio programmer for far too long, and the system took over.

We are back now and should be for the foreseeable future. In September, I hope to move ahead with phase two of DaryAir. When that happens, you will find not one but many variations of DaryAir.

For now, enjoy the tasty tunes. Rock is and forever will be king.


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