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Listen To Us

DaryAir Audio Stream

On Dec. 28, 2011, DaryAir began streaming music programming around the world utilizing the internet-radio service Radionomy *. DaryAir serves up the best in rock spanning from  the ’60s to the ’90s, all day long. We will wake you up, get you through the day, and rock out on your way home. Overnights, we go down the rabbit hole.

Listen Free, Always

If you have access to the internet, you have DaryAir. Here several ways to listen:

  • On iTunes, select “Music” then click on the “Internet” tab and look for DaryAir in the Classic Rock list. NOTE: The “Internet” tab is not displayed be default, but it can be selected to appear in iTunes “Preferences”.
  • On your mobile smart phone, you can install the free Radionomy app for iOS and Android, do a quick search for DaryAir and mark it a favorite.
  • DaryAir is now part of the TuneIn network, making it available on  TuneIn apps for iPhonesBlackberry, and Android phones and on many other popular internet radio apps and devices powered by TuneIn.
  • Cut and paste our streaming URL, http://listen.radionomy.com/daryair.m3u , in your music player of choice.
  • Or use Radionomy’s web player here >>> listen.
  • DO NOT USE: Radionomy high discourages the use of the “Native Radio” player from http://blog.codingexpert.de, and the Radioloyalty player. Both players may cause significant problems with Radionomy.

In the near future, DaryAir will be available on many more services and devices. If you know a better way of listening, please send an e-mail to daryair@daryair.com.

Expanding Our Collection

Radionomy’s catalog of music is extensive, but it does not have all the tracks we would like to air. Radionomy makes it possible for DaryAir to share our own DRM-free music collection with the world. However, that collection is far from complete too. DaryAir, believing in value for value, asks if you have found value in DaryAir to show your support with a small donation of Amazon credit so we can purchase more tracks. Why Amazon? Tracks downloaded from Amazon are already in the DRM-free mp3 format and have the required meta-data attached, saving our producer a lot of work.

Changing Our Tune

Stay with us as we develop, produce and experiment with new original programing. By the end of January, the daytime lineup should be set. February will see the night and weekends will take shape. Keep listening and tell us how we are doing.

DaryAir must separate itself from the other radio channels with a sound not heard elsewhere. While others continue to repeat the same “radio-friendly” rock music, DaryAir will deliver rarely heard recordings from popular and obscure artists alike. We are bring back the celebrity DJ of old. You are sure to find one to fit your taste.

Tell Us What You Think

DaryAir welcomes your comments, suggestions and recommendations. Send them to daryair@daryair.com.


* DaryAir is streamed by RADIONOMY, a Belgium based Co. The royalties on all music played on the station are paid by Radionomy through an agreement with SABAM (SABAM is the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers). All eventual questions in relation with author rights/copyrights MUST BE DIRECTLY FOWARDED TO RADIONOMY, your unique legal contact at the above address : g.claude@musicmatic.com