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DaryAir Enters 9th Month Listener Reporting

Posted by TMD42000 on October 8, 2012

Thank you to our listeners. For the past eight months, I have been working to put together a solid classic rock radio station. I have had technical difficulties, scheduling errors, dead air, and a host of other issues during this time. But that was not all for worse. I know the direction that I want to take DaryAir once we break free of programmed music.

DaryAir is now in a critical time. Our radio hosting service, Radionomy, requires that during our ninth month on the air we must have a listener rate of 130 hours per day or face deletion. For much of the past eight months, DaryAir has been well above this target and I am confident we will remain on the air. However, we suffered a potentially fatal setback during the first week of the month that resulted in zero listeners for nearly four days. I ask that you, our core listeners, to listen more and spread the word of free, limited interruption, classic rock that is DaryAir.

Once we have successfully moved beyond this reporting period, I will begin to develop live programming with DJs taking your requests. The scheduling will solidify and the voice will be found. DaryAir is a model that I plan to build a much greater service on. I ask for your support, input and promotion.

Thank you to our listeners.


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