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DaryAir Now Advanced On Radionomy

Posted by TMD42000 on April 1, 2012

Thank you to all of our listeners. DaryAir has blown passed Radionomy’s 12 hour/day third month requirement and will remain on the air. Currently, our audience listen to DaryAir an average 0f 136 hours per day!

Over the next six months, DaryAir will need to secure an audience that listens for an average of 130 hours per day. Since that is where we are now, I believe will a little word of mouth and new programming we could double it.

Keep spreading the word. Keep listening. Stay tuned.


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TuneIn To DaryAir

Posted by TMD42000 on December 30, 2011

DaryAir is now part of the TuneIn network, making it available on TuneIn apps for iPhones, Blackberry, and Android phones and on many other popular internet radio apps and devices powered by TuneIn.

TuneIn is a new way to listen to the world through live local and global radio from wherever you are. Whether you want music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers over 50,000 stations and 120,000 shows for you to choose from. With TuneIn, it’s easy to find your favorite hometown station, music from Berlin that reminds you of when you lived there, or reggae from Kingston to get you in the mood for your beach vacation. TuneIn makes you feel like you are right there with the people and places that are important to you. From finding what’s local to discovering new stations from around the world, TuneIn brings you to where you want to be.


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DaryAir Is On The Air!

Posted by TMD42000 on December 29, 2011

On Dec. 28, 2011, DaryAir began streaming music programming around the world utilizing the web-radio service Radionomy. Currently, DaryAir is streaming both classic and hard rock-n-roll with a dash of mainstream media assassination. In days, not weeks, programming will mature with the addition of live shows, podcasts and new feeds.

Currently, there are two methods of listening to DaryAir. First, navigate to the live stream at http://listen.radionomy.com/daryair.m3u. Second, is installing the free Radionomy app for iOS and Android, do a quick search for DaryAir and mark it a favorite. Soon, DaryAir will be listed in Radio on iTunes, and under the Internet Radio tab on Windows Media Player.

Radionomy’s catalog of music is extensive, but it does not have all the tracks we would like to air. Radionomy makes it possible for DaryAir to share our own DRM-free music collection with the world. However, that collection is far from complete too. DaryAir, believing in value for value, asks if you have found value in DaryAir to show your support with a small donation of Amazon credit so we can purchase more tracks. Why Amazon? Tracks downloaded from Amazon are already in the DRM-free mp3 format and have the required meta-data attached, saving a lot of work for our producer.

So stay tuned to DaryAir  and hear what we do next.

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